The True Story about ALF POGs!

One topic that gets brought up almost more than anything when it comes it POGs or milk caps is ALF POGs.  If you have been living under a rock and don't know what ALF POGs are, don't worry about it.   Alf POGs were originally introduced on The Simpsons, Season 7, Episode 4 - "Bart Sells His Soul" - where Millhouse sells Bart's soul for ALF POGs.


Bart was devastated when he learned of this, even though they were pretty cool POGs.  The POGs were originally acquired from the Comic Book Guy, but no body on the internet seems to know where he got those POGs. They could have been just made up for the television program.  Either way they have become a staple in popular culture.  Anytime someone mentions POGs in a room full of people, you are almost bound to hear about ALF POGs.  

Here is the famous clip if you haven't seen it yet, or just want to relive the laughs.



This episode was released at a time where POGSs were pretty much at their peak, and this seemed like an absurd product for Milhouse to be interested in getting.  The real question is why the Comic Book Guy wanted to buy a boys soul, and who he sold the soul to, but thats another story.


After this moment the ALF POGs joke happened on TV, it became an international sensation.  It sums up all that is awesome and awful at once, and how far a company will go with Intellectual Property.  Because the ALF POGs were fake, that didn't stop fans from making their own.  If you just look online for ALF POGs you can find many works of art dedicated to the topic.

Someone even made pins dedicated to this greatness. Check out the amazing people at Spacewaste with their ALF POGs Enamel Pin Set

Here are some more home made ALF POGs. You can tell by looking at their hands that they are very excited about having some ALF POGs.

Well now that you heard the story, saw the clip, saw what other people have made, you are now an expert when it comes to ALF POGs.  They are the coolest product that was never made, that was later made.