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POGS are Back!

The hit game from the 90’s is back and better than ever! You can now get your own custom milk caps with whatever design you can think of! Make Business Cards, Market Your Business, or just make the set of your dreams! We here at CustomMilkCaps.com are the only place to get customized pogs or milk caps online that are made in a factory that has been doing this for over 20 years!

The internet wasn’t what it is today, and with advanced technology we have created on demand Milk Cap Customization. Revolutionary pog technology to make your designs a reality. Save more by buying in bulk!

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Key Features

  • The 90's Are Back

    This custom nostalgic product will make you the life of the party.  Light up a room with your Custom Milk Caps!

  • Viral Marketing

    Go Viral with Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and any QR Code you want! This small circular design is perfect for any social medium. Studies have shown "likes" go up with Custom Milk Caps!

  • A New Business Card

    Be different from everyone else and have Business POGs! It doesn't fit in a rolodex because it doesn't belong in a rolodex. Patrick Bateman would be jealous. 

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